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Con EZMusic puoi ottenere facilmente Spotify, Deezer, YTMusic e YMusic gratuitamente! La mia applicazione ti consente di scaricare e installare le app nella nostra app in pochi clic. Tutte le app nell’applicazione vengono testate prima di essere pubblicate e sono anche nei server protetti di Cloudflare!

Version: 2.3.1

Download Modded Spotify with all Premium Features Unlocked except Offline Mode (Download Feature)!
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Download Modded Deezer with all Premium Features Unlocked, i mean ALL Features Unlocked! Offline Mode Working!
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YouTube Music
Download Modded YouTube Music with MicroG, with all Premium Features Unlocked Except Offline Mode (Download Feature)!
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Download Modded YMusic with all Premium Features Unlocked! I Said all Features Unlocked? Yes!
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About Me

Hi i am ProuDSoN, developer of EZMusic. I live in Italy and i’m not a computer scientist like many will think, i’m Graphics Designer with a passion for developing apps. My app is written in Java and uses various open-source resources like: OpenSignal, Firebase, TinyDB and many more!

Articles About Us

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EZMusic: An App To Download Deezer, Spotify, YTMusic For Free On Android

If you have an Android Smartphone and want to listen to music or watch videos and games for free, you should definitely download EZMusic. What it is and how it works, you will find out in the following paragraphs.


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